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I am a mother of two lovely little boys, Jayrius and Rayius. Having them to be part of my life is the joyous and thankful moment that I could not ask for more. Being their mum, I feel that I should give them the best in whatever I can provide. I search for engaging and educational books to amuse them so that they will start to enjoy reading books. I also search for fun and interesting toys not only to keep them occupied, but also to train their psychomotor skills as well as their creativity and imaginative. The thoughts of feeling them enjoying those books and toys that I have bought for them, has inspired me to share these curated products with you.
I am truly proud of my two sons and therefore, I decided to brand my online shop, My Junior Club, uniquely connected to them. It associate with their christian name (JR = JunioR) as well as representing joy and fun at this junior stage. My Junior Club will be focusing products that are suitable for age from new born. Whether the products are for play, learn, read or wear, I seek to only share the best with you in here.
I hope that after browsing through our online shop, you are able to pickup products that are suitable and give a small remembrance for your little ones.
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